Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

This morning, due to MSA, we had an altered schedule. We began our day with PE and then went straight to math for an extended block of instruction.

After our warm up in math, we dove into naming fractions and mixed numbers on a number line. This is a touch concept for most children to "own". I used a video segment from Unite Streaming to aid my direct instruction. Then we began working on a worksheet as a whole class. As promised, there is no math homework...this is a reward for being so focused on the MSA!!!

Before going to lunch we began a discussion about the rights and responsibilities that we are guaranteed through the US Constitution. We began by identifying the meaning behind lyrics from different patriotic songs and ended with identifying the five basic rights that are clearly defined in the Constitution. There was a lot of great conversation in between.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, I modeled using the persuasive planning sheets we completed last week to write 2 paragraphs for our rough drafts. Then I met with the final writing group, that I missed last week, while the rest of the students began their rough drafts.

We ended the day by reviewing the rights and responsibilities afforded to US citizens. Then I explained a group project we will do in the computer lab tomorrow. I reviewed the assignment, put the children into 5 groups and explained the different roles that each group will assign to its members.

Don't forget that sound projects are due NEXT Wednesday, March 28.

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