Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This morning, in reading, we continued our study of historical fiction. We began with a discussion identifying the characteristics of historical fiction and then compared and contrasted historical fiction to realistic fiction.

After that we read a historical fiction book called Mirette on the High Wire and identified the parts that were historical fact, as well as, the parts that were fiction.

In math we reviewed naming and identifying equivalent fractions. Today we learned that if you multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same number you will get an equivalent fraction. I met with two small groups. Both groups worked on identifying equivalent fractions. One group focused on using manipulatives. The other practiced using the multiplication strategy. There is a worksheet for homework but no quiz tomorrow.

After math, each student had a chance to share (present) their instrument to the class. Their projects were given two scores; one for the instrument itself and the other for the understanding of how sound is produced and how to change the pitch.

Following lunch and recess the students worked on the final draft of their persuasive writing piece while I met with reading groups.

Bears: We will begin a new book after Spring Break. We did not meet today and will not meet tomorrow.

Lions: We read and discussed chapter 10.

Crabs: We read and discussed chapter 8.  We also reviewed suffixes using vocabulary from the chapter.

We ended the day with a gallery walk.  Mrs. Homayouni's students and the entire 4th and 5th grades came to view our instruments.

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