Friday, March 9, 2012


Well, we have worked hard, especially this past week...and the kids are ready, both for the weekend and MSA!!

Remember, MSA begins Monday morning AND we change the clocks on Sunday morning, losing one hour of sleep...not the best scenario! PLEASE make sure your children get enough rest! They have worked hard and I want them to show it on the state assessments!!!

Today I reviewed common challenges/errors that I noticed the students were making in their persuasive writing pieces. Then, as the students worked independently on a decoding activity and their final drafts of their persuasive piece, I met with a few individual students to conference on their writing.

In math, after reviewing our warm up and last night's homework, the students took the first quiz for unit 5. These will be scored and returned today! After the quiz, the students went to math anchor activities including a fraction matching game and fraction apps on the iPads.

Following a visit to the media center the student enjoyed lunch and recess.

After recess the students continued working independently while I met with reading groups.

Bears: We finished Winners Take All. We will read the section about Christy Matthewson and discuss the book further, next week.

Lions: We reread chapter 7 in group, working on fluency. Many students are still struggling, so after group, I sent them back with partners to reread the chapter again.

Crabs: We shared the homework from Wednesday night exlpaining why the chapter was titled Great Idea.

We ended the day by getting the room ready for the MSA, answering questions about the MSA AND answering questions about the sound project. It was quite productive!!

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