Friday, March 23, 2012


I was at a doctor's appointment this morning and didn't return to school until lunchtime. Therefore, my synopsis of the day will be quite brief!

In reading the students finished reading the article, "Super Survivors", identifying the main idea in each section. Then they completed a follow up worksheet and any unfinished work from the week.

In math the students took a quiz and went to anchor activities. At this point, I have not had time to score the quiz. It will most likely come home on Monday instead of today. My apologies.

After math the children went to the computer lab with Mrs. Rose to vote for the Black Eyed Susan book of their choice. Then they went to the media center to check out new books.

After lunch and outdoor recess, my class worked on independent reading group assignments. The block was shortened slightly due to a fire drill.

Bears: We met and finished reading and discussing Winner Takes All. Part of our discussion centered around the author's message.

Lions: They met with a buddy and reread chapter 8.

Crabs: They met with a buddy and read chapters 6 and 7.

We will end the day by learning about SGA's canned food drive and answering questions about the sound project which is due NEXT Wednesday, March 28.

Hope to see many of you tonight at Bingo Night!!

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