Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a great, productive morning!

We had a wonderful morning! In math we began by taking some notes in our math journals about fractions, including mixed fractions (ex. 2 1/2), identifying fractions on a number line and improper fractions (ex. 5/2). Then we watched a fabulous United Streaming video about these topics. There is a worksheet for homework.

We began reading by reading Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers and discussing the literary genre of historical fiction. Then the children worked independently on deciding whether a given statement was an example of historical fact or fiction, writing cursive letters and searching or -oy words, while I met with reading groups.

Reading groups:
W&M: Met with me. Received and went over their novel schedule for Journey. This is in their reading/LA section of their binder. PLEASE look it over. Then they began their first assignments (reading chapters 1&2, completing a concept map for a chosen word and answering a BCR in their RRJ).

2nd Chance: Began a new story called Tornado. First followed along as I read it aloud. Then they reread it with a partner.

Myron: Met with me and had an awesome discussion using their marked places from their directed notes reading.

Following lunch and indoor recess, we will continue writing persuasively. Then we will end the day with a social studies lesson. We will identify examples of students being responsible citizens as we read an article called Making a Difference Press.

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