Thursday, February 5, 2009


This morning I attended a three hour meeting in our building. During that time Mrs. Benson taught my math class. The children constructed different solid figures. Tomorrow we will use these figures to create a chart listing the names of the figures and the number of edges, vertices and faces each figure has. There is a worksheet for homework and a quiz tomorrow.

When I returned to class we read the book The Old Woman Who Named Things and discussed how the mood changed in the story. We also identified aspects of the story that indicated that the mood was changing. Additionally, we discussed how mood and setting can be related. When the children went back to their seats they worked on various reading group activities and cursive writing.

Fair Swap: reread story and marked main events with a sticky in order to summarize in reading group.

Shoemaker: Reread the story and answered the question, why do you think the shoemaker gave the gold back to the rich man?

Ooka: reread the story and marked places with an F where they felt Ooka was being fair. They also marked places with a UF where Ooka was being unfair.

Following lunch and recess in the gym we discussed the art of persuasion. Students talked with partners about a time they successfully persuaded someone to do something. Then the children worked on a graphic organizer, in their writer's notebook, that charted a position (for ex. I want to eat ice cream for breakfast), three arguments (ex. milk) and then explanations for each argument (milk has calcium). This took longer than I anticipated, so we ended the day by sharing our work with each other!

There is a spelling test tomorrow and spelling homework is due, too!

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