Thursday, February 26, 2009

Science Fair

The DES Science Fair is TONIGHT beginning at 6 pm in the all purpose room. THe third graders who are participating, shared their projects, in class today, and I can tell you that they are AWESOME!!!!!! I was HIGHLY impressed!

In math we identified fractions of a set, for example, 1/3 of 12 = 4. One method that we used was diving the number of objects in the set by the denominator since the denominator is the number of groups you need to make. This will then tell you how many objects are in each group. There are other ways to solve this type of problem. Feel free to share "your" way with your child! :-)

In reading we gathered, sorted and chose new spelling words with the -oy spelling pattern. We also practiced writing capital I's and J's in cursive. Just prior to lunch, the entire third grade gathered to see the projects that their classmates have entered in tonights Science Fair.

Following lunch and outdoor recess we discussed grouping ideas for persuasion in order to form paragraphs for arguments. I showed the children a method of color coding their ideas. Then, while I met with two reading groups, the children were supposed to finish their brainstorming and grouping "like" ideas.

W&M: Met with me and discussed ch. 1&2 of Journey. We discussed the difference between the way Cat and Journey are dealing with being abandoned by their mother.

Myron: We disucssed why the narrarator said Myron was the best president in the history of Wayside School. The focus of the discussion was making choices and prioritizing things that needed to be done.

FInally, we are ending the day with a guidance lesson, led by Mrs. Dorfman, which is focusing on tsting and perserverence.

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