Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

This morning we worked on a review packet for the unit 4 assessment in math. Tomorrow we will go over the entire packet and the children will be expected to make any necessary corrections. Therefore, tomorrow night, a corrected and completed packet will come home to help the study prepare for the unit assessment on Friday. There is a symmetry worksheet for homework tonight.

We began reading by reviewing affixes (prefixes and suffixes). Then we read two poems, one by Jack Prelutsky and the other by Langston Hughes, and discussed the connotation of words (how words can be used to create a feeling about a topic). Finally the students worked independently on reading group activities and cursive while I met with small groups.

Ooka: Began the William and Mary (W&M) program by reading a story and completing a worksheet.

2 Families: Began a new story called A Second Chance. They previewed the book independently then met with me to review unknown words that they had identified and listen as I read the book aloud. They should reread this book for homework tonight.

Lion and Mouse: Answered a BCR in their RRJ and discussed the BCR in group with me. Why didn't the lion thank the mouse as graciously as he should have?

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will continue to work on their persuasive writing pieces and go to FASTT math. They will end the day by discovering how to create louder sounds from strings.

There will be a personification (giving human traits to inanimate objects) worksheet for homework, too!

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