Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hump Day

In math we identified parallel, intersecting and perpendicular lines. There is a worksheet for homework.

We read Miss Nelson Has a Field Day in reading and discussed how the mood can change within a story. Then the students started to answer the following prompt in their RRJ:
How did the mood change in Miss Nelson? Use specific examples to support your answer.

MOst students need to finish this for homework. A couple finished, which was surprising...I tried to persuade everyone to complete this task at home...there was not much time in class to formulate a great response. So, if you r child said they might want to speak top them about effort!

Following PE, lunch and indoor recess I worked with small groups while the others went to FASTT math. While in small group we discussed identifying what a question is asking AND how to compose an awesome response. Part of the discussion focused on drawing conclusions at the end of your naming your answer, explaining how you got to that answer (using info from the text) and THEN explaining that because of this....

Finally, we ended the day with a science lesson. First students had to respond to three questions in their science journals. Then we experimented using string to produce a sound!

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