Thursday, February 19, 2009


We have a unit assessment tomorrow in math. PLEASE help your child study using the review packet and the vocab packet. The biggest help would be quizzing them on the meaning of the vocabulary, such as, polygon, octagon, hexagon, etc.

We spent the rest of the morning participating in a practice testing experience for the MSA reading portion and then going over the test. I took great pains to go over many test taking strategies, including, rereading the topic sentences of paragraphs to focus on meaning, reading through all answers before selecting one, using scratch paper in the reading section (to jot down impt. info. as you read) and many others. Hopefully, this will prove to be as valuable as I felt it should be. :-)

Following lunch and outdoor recess, the children will get to work on independent work (reading group assignments, cursive and persuasive writing) and go to FASTT math, while I meet with reading groups.

W&M: They will complete the writing pre-assessment and then we will discuss their answers. I actually was able to sneak in their group yesterday to discuss the reading pre-assessment.

Lion and Mouse: Will begin a new story called Myron. They will read it and then list things they are wondering about in their RRJ to bring to discussion group and share.

Second Chance: We will read the story together and identify the important events in each chapter. This is in preparation for writing a summary.

We will end the day by watching a United Streaming video clip about the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Hopefully, there will be enough time for us to discuss our responsibilities, as US citizens, as they pertain to our rights.

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