Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning

Well, the Skins didn't win last night....I sat in my family room in my Riggins' jersey and waited to cheer them on but they weren't playing!?!?! However, the Cardinals seemed to have borrowed some plays from their playbook...and NOT in the good way! ;-)

Hopefully, this week will allow us to hit the ground running into the third marking period. In math we practiced identifying symmetry in figures, as well as, congruent figures. There is a worksheet for homework. Following math we had our class picture take.

Upon returning to the classroom we discussed point of view in fiction. I used the Three Little Pigs as an example...the pigs thought the brick house was great, it protected them...the wolf didn't like the brick house so much!

Then I introduced the concepts of First Person point-of-view (the narrator is a character in the story...the word I is used) and third person point-of-view (someone not involved in the story is narrating).

Following art, lunch and outdoor recess the children will return to class and work independently on finishing their writing to persuade baseline sample, cursive and going to FASTT math. During this time I will meet with reading groups...some children's groups have changed. Please ask your child what they are reading!

Fair Swap: I began reading the book to them. They are to finish reading to determine if it was a fair swap. They were also to note any "new" words on a sticky note for reading group.

Richman and the Shoemaker: I read the story to them. They were to return to their seats to reread the story. Additionally, they were to mark any surprising or interesting events on a sticky note for discussion during our next group.

Ooka and the Honest Thieves: Discuss the concept of an honest thief and then do the first reading of the story.

We will end the day with a book exchange in the media center.

Homework: Math worksheet, spelling is due Friday AND each group needs to reread their story from today.

Book orders are due BY Friday!

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