Thursday, September 18, 2008



The Octoberfest is just around the corner. Our class basket, to be auctioned at the festival, is "Quiet Time". We are collecting items that can occupy students, such as, books, crossword puzzles, markers, sudeko, coloring books, crayons, etc. We would greatly appreciate donations of NEW items ASAP but no later than September 26.

During math we used our rounding skills to estimate the sums of addition problems. I worked with a small group on rounding numbers while the majority of the class worked independently. Some children didn't focus on the task at hand and they have classwork to finish for homework. The entire class has a half sheet of addition and subtraction problems to solve (NOT ESTIMATE) for homework.

We began reading by discussing the plot of a story. The plot involves the action, the problem, events leading to the solution and the solution. We read Brave Irene and identified the plot. While students worked independently, I met with small groups.

JGB: Discussed reading using the directed notes strategy. There are papers explaining this in the reading section of their binder. Then they began their directed notes reading. They were to reread The Master Cat marking areas (with a post-it) with an "S" if they found it surprising, a "F" is they found it funny and a "?" if they were confused or have a question. These markings will help guide our discussion tomorrow or Monday.

Dragons: Received the novel Amber Brown is not a Crayon. They were to independently read chapter 1 and note any words that were tricky on a post-it note.

Frogs: Met with me and discussed character traits for King Shabazz. When a trait was mentioned, they located evidence in the text to support the trait and we discussed how to explain why the evidence supported the trait.

Following lunch and recess we will use sensory images for touch to discuss an object in out desk. Then we will continue writing personal narratives focusing on using sensory images and writing well organized paragraphs.

We will end the day with social studies. We will read The Big Green Pocketbook and identify various goods and services within the text.

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