Monday, September 8, 2008

Our first Monday!

Believe it or not, today is the first Monday of third grade!!

In math we worked on identifying the rules for a given numeric pattern and using that rule to extend the pattern. The students have a worksheet, that we began in class, to finish for homework.

During our reading block we began our first spelling unit. We read a book called Silly Sally and identified words that had the /ee/ SOUND in them. After doing this whole group, the students returned to their seats to choose their own book and search for words with the /ee/ sound. Tomorrow we will sort these words according to the letters that spell the /ee/ sound.

Following art, lunch and recess, we will have writing. I will read aloud the story Today I Feel Silly by Jamie Lee Curtis and we will discuss writing about our feelings. We will also identify the parts of a sentence (subject/predicate?. There will be a follow up worksheet for homework.

We will end the day by visiting the media center for a book exchange.

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