Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to School Night !!!

Hopefully, I will see all of you at Back to School Night tonight. It begins at 7:00 pm.

In math we began with a warm up and then reviewed last night's homework. After that the children took a short formative assessment on place value so I could see how their comprehension is progressing. Following the formative, we embarked on a bit of fourth grade place value as we named columns up to the millions and identified periods (sets of three places...the ones period, the thousands period and the millions period). There is a worksheet on comparing numbers for homework.

We began reading with the morning message. Then I read Ira Sleeps Over and modeled the connections I made to the story and how these connections helped me understand how Ira felt. Then the children went back to their seats and wrote about a connection they made to the story and how it helped them understand the story better.

After PE, lunch and recess, the children will return to the classroom and I will continue my reading assessments. Mrs Benson will be with them once again...yesterday it was Mrs. Benson, not Mrs. Starkey as I had blogged, who was with them in the afternoon.

Once again, Mrs. Benson will read a chapter or two of Frindle. Then they will go on their memory walk from yesterday. Yesterday, due to time constraints, the children listed topics they could write about in place of their memory walk. Finally, they will end the day by identifying fingerprints to solve a fictitious crime!

Braggin' Dragon posters were due today. Many did not turn these in! :-( Also, please send in a check for $15 payable to DES if you haven't done so already!

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