Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy, busy Monday!

It is so much easier to come back to work after a Redskin victory! The world is just such a nicer place, don't you think??

In math, we reviewed patterns and place value during the warm up. Then, using white boards, we practiced solving three digit subtraction problems with and without regrouping AND when you need to regroup twice. WE also discussed parts and whole; addition is part plus part equals whole, subtraction is whole minus part equals part. I used this as groundwork to introduce the idea of using addition to check your subtraction.

Then the children went to their seats to complete page 60 # 2-20 in their math text. Many found alternative ways to spend their time. :-( These children will need to finish heir classwork (as well as the planned worksheet) for homework.

While the children worked, I met with two small groups. One group worked on using estimation to solve subtraction problems. The other group worked on regrouping while solving subtraction problems.

Following math, we read the morning message and began a new spelling unit. PLEASE read the next section CAREFULLY...

I did NOT give a spelling test on Friday. I have decided NOT to give a spelling test for the past unit. Here's why...

The goal of our spelling instruction is for children to learn a rule (whether it is the various spellings of a particular sound or the various sounds a specific spelling pattern makes). We all know that the way spelling has been assessed in the past allows children to memorize the spelling of specific words and truly doesn't address the rule that was investiagted.

SO, this year students will investigate a rule, choose words that fit the rule from a class list but at the end of the two week cycle, I will dictate sentences that include words that use the "focus rule" to the entire class. This will assess whether the children are able to apply the rule that was taught. Basically, students may or may not have these words on their personal spelling lists.

Not quite having my hear wrapped around this, I did not make sure that the students picked a word, for their personal lists, from each of the possible spellings of the long /e/ sound during the lasst unit. Therefore, a spelling test based would not have been fair to all.

I hope this makes sense...but if not, PLEASE contact me through the blog, via e-mail or by phone call!

Following art, lunch and recess the children will return to class and work on identifying goods and services in The Big Green Pocketbook. If time allows, we will begin investigating what resources are required for production of specific goods and services.

At 2:00, the class will attend the Back to Rock assembly and then hear about the school's new reading incentive program. WE will end the day with a book exchange in the media center!

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