Thursday, September 11, 2008


This morning, during math, we worked on rounding numbers to the nearest ten. This is a strategy we worked on using:

20 30

Imagine arrows pointing from the 24 to the 20 and then from the 24 to the thirty. They are to identify the two tens that 24 is between and then circle the ten that 24 rounds to. I hope this makes sense!

I met with two small groups to work on identifying the rules for numeric patters.

WE do have a quiz tomorrow BUT rounding will NOT be on it...It will cover p[lace value and numeric patterns. Everyone has a worksheet, that reviews place value, for homework. Some children have classwork to complete (page 29, #7-26) also. They only need to round to the nearest ten NOT the nearest 100 as some of the directions state.

Following math, my homeroom went to the computer lab to take the MAP-R. It is a computerized reading assessment that students in third, fourth and fifth grad take three times a year. It is another data point to help drive instruction. The test self-adjusts to the student's answers. Meaning it gets more difficult or less challenging depending on the answers the student chooses.

Following lunch and recess we will continue to work on writing personal narratives. I will provide a mini lesson about adding sight sensory images (vividly describing what the writer sees to his/her reader) to the children's writing. I am hoping to squeeze in some reading groups during this time!

WE will end the day with a social studies lesson. We will begin to investigate goods and services and resources required to provide them.

Homework: math, spelling (4 assignments due next Friday), read for 20 minutes

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