Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hump Day!

This morning, in math, we reviewed identifying the rules for numeric patterns and then using the rule to extend the pattern. Then we reviewed and practiced solving three digit subtraction problems with and without regrouping. After going over the homework for this evening (a pattern worksheet) the children took a formative assessment that covered patterns.

After reading the morning message, we sorted /ee/ words according to the letters used to spell the sound. We also compiled a class list.

Following PE, lunch and recess, the children will choose 7 spelling words from our class list and I will help them choose 3 words from their writer's notebook. The will write their personal lists in their spelling journal AND in their planner. Please look for it this evening. Additionally, the spelling unit explanation sheet and the spelling homework choice sheet will be glued onto the front and back cover of their spelling journal. PLEASE try to have all spelling homework completed IN their spelling journal. It should be turned in on the last Friday of the spelling unit Friday...not on a daily basis.

After we finish spelling, we will return to the computer lab to complete our Web Quest from yesterday.

Homework tonight: Math worksheet, begin spelling homework, read for 15 minutes

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LauraH. said...

9/17/08 - Last night I was looking at Jessica's spelling journal and I didn't see the "spelling unit explanation sheet". I just noticed on the blog that it is on the back cover of her spelling journal. I'll look tonight... but just in case it isn't there, how many spelling activities are to be done by the due date?


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