Friday, January 11, 2008

What a GREAT way to end the week!

We began the day with a math quiz! What a super way to start the day...overall, the children did very well! I just love watching these kids get smarter as the year progresses! :-)

Then we continued working on our research projects. Today, the students used the notes they gathered on their graphic organizer and began planning their travel brochure. Again, another fun experience for the teacher (me)! The students, whom I had a chance to work with, were doing a great job of taking their notes (fragments) and turning them into sentences. While this was not an easy task and they did need help, it was noticeable how they were learning as they progressed through their planning...very cool!

Following music, lunch and recess, we made slide whistles. Then we produces sound using the slide whistles and explored pitch.

Finally, we ended the day creating cards that will be delivered to wounded soldiers who are recovering at Walter Reed.

Truly a GREAT day!

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