Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two for Tuesday

Was that DC101 who used to do Two for Tuesdays? Two songs by the same artist? Can't remember...I'm sure if my brother is reading, he'll remember!

Anyway...2 seemed to be the "number" in math class today! We reviewed two skills...comparison multiplication and estimation with solving multiplication word problems. I met with two small groups...one reviewing rounding numbers to the nearest ten and the other solving algebraic expressions with a variable. Then I had two different homeworks...most students have a multiplication worksheet but a few have a variable worksheet.

During reading we worked on two activities...We began by rereading our literature group assignments and completing a bookmark. Then we went to the media center to continue organizing our information for our travel brochure.

Following lunch and recess, we will share our reed instruments that we created yesterday in class. Then we will go to an assembly. We will see a Chinese Opera. If time permits, we will also continue working on our travel brochures. There will be a writing worksheet for home work tonight!

Unfortunately, due to a last minute issue...our assembly was cancelled! :-(

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