Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday with a long weekend ahead...

The children were pretty good natured about the fact that we got a decent amount of snow and they did not get ANY time off of school. I told them that I actually felt badly about giving homework last night. When I got home, my son was playing in the snow and then went to a neighbor's house. He was enjoying the snow day (even though it wasn't a day off)...and then he had to stop to do his homework. I thought to myself, why did she have to give homework...couldn't they just come home and enjoy the snow? Then I realized that I had given homework...Ahhhhh! I felt badly! :-(

In math today the children took the last quiz for this unit. They did quite well! We will do a review packet on Wednesday and then have the assessment on Thursday and/or Friday. I will definitely let you know on Wednesday.

Then we spent time reading the morning message and talking about children's books. We completed a survey for the reading specialist, Mrs. Hepner.

Following music, lunch and recess we made a model of an ear drum and then did an experiment that wasn't too successful. :-( The idea was to create an eardrum using a cup and pulling a membrane tightly over it. Then the students were supposed to use noise makers to make noise so that they could watch the membrane vibrating...and thereby making sound. Well, we didn't see any vibrations...oh well, I do feel they got the idea of how sound is created and recognized by our brain.

Then we ended the day working on our research projects in the computer lab.

Have a wonderful 4 day weekend...mine is only 3...I'll be working on report cards and comments , at school, on Tuesday! :-)

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Lisa R said...

I'm reading!!! I hope the people that this blog effects directly know what a good thing they have. I am so impressed that you have maintained it ...can I nom. a teacher of the yr? :) Mrs. Holman ROCKS!

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