Thursday, January 10, 2008

Internet Research

This morning I was out of the building at a doctor's appointment. However, instruction continues, as normal, under the guidance of a substitute and the help of Mrs. Starkey and Mrs. Bonvillain.

During math the children practiced solving two step word problems. They also practiced writing word problems when given an expression. We will have a quiz tomorrow and both of these items will be covered on the quiz.

In reading the children participated in literature discussion circle. They also added either subjects or predicates to sentence fragments in order to make the fragments complete sentences.

After I returned, we went to the computer lab. The children used many Internet resources to gather more information for their research projects. They also found pictures and saved them to their documents folder. These pictures will later be imported into their travel brochure. Some of the web sites that were used can be found by going to the school homepage at and clicking on class pages, then third grade and then cities project. Or try this link .

Let me know if you find including these links helpful!

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