Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to a 5 day week...

Back to a routine...whew...I thrive on routine and find that children do, too! So, it is good to be back to a 5 day work week! :-)

Math today...we had 5 children seemed so weird! We reviewed solving word problems using multiplication or division...we also practice using our knowledge to attempt some of the 4th grade challenge problems...for example, completing fact families when given only an expression such as, 3x4 (the fact family would then be 3x4=12, 4x3=12, 12/4=3, 12/3=4) and solving beginning algebraic expressions. We also wrote word problems for given multiplication expressions...ex. when given 3x4...There were 3 cats. Each cat has 4 legs. How many legs in all? Actually, looking back, we did a lot! For homework, the children need to finish the multiplication worksheet and practice their flashcards.

Onto reading...after changing classroom jobs ( I was REALLY behind in that area) we reviewed the characteristics of folktales and began reading a modern folktale. We will finish the folktale and identify -ui words from the folktale after art, lunch and recess. For homework, every student will have a reading assignment from their literature circle book...but NOT a bookmark. Tomorrow they will do a reread of their assignment and complete a bookmark.

Reading assignments:
Fudge-a-Mania ch. 4, 5 &6
Rev. War on Wed. ch. 3 & 4
Kidnapped Cupid ch. 3 & 4
Junie B Jones ch 3 & 4
Jigsaw Jones ch. 3, 4 & 5

This afternoon, after completing our reading lesson, we will discuss the difference between a simple and a complex sentence. Then we will continue our study of sound. Last week we learned that sound is produced by vibrations. Today we will use nails to create sound!

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