Friday, January 25, 2008

Unit 3 Assessment

We took the unit 3 assessment today and it took most of the was lllooonnnngggg!!!! Since the test is a secure MCPS document, it can not be sent home. Therefore, children in my math class will receive a xerox copy of the cover page with their grade on it.

Earlier in the week the children worked on a BCR as part of test taking strategies. Some of the children brought theirs home yesterday. Most will bring theirs home today. I have given feedback on each paper...please review it with you child so they can see what they did well and what they need to do to improve in the future!

Following music, lunch and indoor recess, the children were given a chance to share an entry from their morning work journals. Then we reviewed the Test Ready activity they did yesterday...again pointing out test taking strategies. After that we will create sound using string...a science experiment...hopefully, this one will be more successful than the last one! :-)

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