Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We're baaaaccckkkk...

It's so good to be back at school. While I had a fabulous break, it's nice to see all of the children again and help them get smarter!

In math we worked on writing and solving number sentences for multiplication and division word problems on white boards. Then, independently, we practiced doing working with multiplication word problems using good ole' pencil and paper. While the students worked independently, I pulled two small groups. The first got some review with multiplication word problems. The second group were challenges with solving beginning algebraic number sentences. For homework students have a multiplication worksheet to finish and they need to practice their multiplication flashcards.

During reading we took some time to talk about our Winter Breaks. Then I introduced the concept of literature circles to the class. Here's a brief overview for you:
  • Students get to choose their book
  • The groups are small and temporary, based on the students' book selection
  • Students read a selection of the book, assigned by the teacher, and complete a "bookmark"
  • Students meet with their groups to discuss the reading selection
  • The atmosphere should endorse reading as a fun activity
  • The teacher serves as a facilitator for the group discussion, not as a group member or as an instructor

Hopefully, these circles will successfully build students' reading fluency, comprehension, while creating a love of reading...

Following PE, lunch and indoor recess, we will begin our next science unit, the study of sound. Then we will go to the media center to begin our research projects. Each student, in school, will be researching a city and creating a travel brochure for that city!

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