Friday, January 4, 2008

Discussion Groups

Slight change in schedule today so that each third grade class had a chance to begin their research, with Mrs. Rose, in the media center. We began the day with reading and will have math after recess.

During reading, we had our first set of discussion groups with our literature circles. The children met with the other students who are reading the same book and "discussed" their assigned passages. I was truly impressed...some groups needed help getting a discussion rolling (they tended to be a bit rigid, at first, reading off of their bookmarks)....but once they got the hang of it they seemed to enjoy the literary discourse.

Then we went to the media center and began gathering information about the cities that we are researching. Each student has a graphic organizer to guide their research. Today they used books and discovered information as to the exact location of their city.

Following music, lunch and indoor recess, we will switch for math. My math class will work on determining whether to use multiplication or division to solve word problems.

After math, my homeroom will discover how sound travels.

GO SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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