Monday, January 14, 2008

So....who IS reading?!?!?!

On Friday I put a number counter on the blog because I was feeling like nobody was reading my my surprise, the blog is receiving quite a number of hits! Woohoo! But...who is reading?

On to the academics...

During math we reviewed the multiple choice question from the quiz on Friday...only THREE children got it right...and guess what?!?!! It was the children who actually showed their work and solved the problem!?!?! Imagine that?!?!?! SO we went over that in class...along with estimating the answer to multiplication problems. For homework, the children need to finish any classwork they didn't finish, complete a multiplication worksheet AND practice their flashcards.

In reading we continued organizing our gathered information onto our brochure planning sheet. This is allowing many opportunities for direct teaching of writing sentences and paragraphs...great stuff but a LOT of effort by both student AND teacher!

Prior to art, we watched the 4th graders perform with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Following art, lunch and recess, we continued with the research project. I am trying to teach the children how to take their notes and turn them into meaningful sentences...I see so much is both exciting and exhausting! :-)

Finally, it was time for a break...we used straw to create reed instruments...the kids had lots of fun with this. Then we ended the day with a book exchange in the media center.

Reading homework:
Kidnapped Cupid: read chapters 5&6
Magic Tree House: read chapters 5&6
Fudge-a-Mania read chapters 7, 8, &9
Junie B Jones: read chapters 5 &6
Jigsaw Jones: read chapters 6 & 7

BTW...SPELLING...right now we have very limited time on our schedule due to literature circles and our research project...these are both VERY valuable uses of our time...we will resume spelling Monday, January 28.


Jennifer said...

I'm still checking it out everyday of the week! Sometimes I am online hitting refresh waiting for you to blog! :)

Dana Holman said...

Sorry to keep you waiting... ;-)
That teaching thing gets in the way...LOL!!!!

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