Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning we jumped right into our math rotations.  This will be our typical routine.

During the teacher led small group instruction, groups worked on using the addition table to solve basic facts and predicting the sum using patterns within it.  Some groups moved onto rounding 3 digit numbers to the nearest 100.  We shared many strategies and identified the similarities and differences with each.  We noticed that regardless of the strategy, when we round to the nearest 100, we need to use the digit the in the tens column to determine whether we round up or down.

While at guided practice the students used their digit cards to create addition problems and then use the patterns to predict the sum.  After they made their prediction, they solved the problem, identified the sum and checked to see if their prediction was correct.  Students created problems with 1, 2 or 3 digit addends, depending on their readiness.

During the technology rotation the student visited Sumdog to strengthen their skills at identifying numbers as odd or even.

Homework this evening is assigned through Google Classroom.  Students will view 2 LearnZillion lessons, linked to the assignment, and then identify the benchmark numbers for a three digit number they choose.

Following lunch and recess we continued learning about the Daily 5.  First we watched a video of a class singing the I Pick good books song.  Then we discussed the rules for choosing the perfect book for you...
I select a book and look it over.
Purpose:  Why might I want to read it?
Interest:  Does it interest me?
Comprehend:  Do I understand what I am reading?
Know:  Do I know most of the words?

After that I presented the class with our independent work chart which shows today's tasks.  I reviewed the expectations and then set the students free to work.  I had planned to begin informal reading assessments with individual students.  However, the students experienced many challenges.  Therefore, I began trouble shooting...During this time I taught mini lessons on copying and renaming a shared document and deleting a document that is no longer needed.

Believe it or not, the time flew by this afternoon.  While I didn't accomplish all that I had planned, we did get a ton done!  I need to remember that this is only week 2....

The students ended their day with PE.

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