Monday, September 8, 2014

Marvelous Monday

As a HUGE NFL fan, this could be a terrible Monday, but I am choosing to make it marvelous!!!  :-)

This morning we began by reviewing this marking period's TASS (thinking and academic success skills) skills.  They are collaboration and analysis.

After that we began our math rotations.  During the small group teacher led instruction we focused on rounding three digit numbers to the nearest hundred and ten.  Math with a partner engaged the students n playing a board game involving rounding 3 digit numbers to hundreds and tens.  Finally, the students practiced their rounding skills using the Sumdog Internet site.

HOMEWORK for tonight is on Google Classroom.  The students are to practice their rounding skills using an Internet site linked to the assignment and they are to read for 15 minutes and think about whether their reading selection is realistic fiction or not.  There is nothing to post this evening.

After an quick brain break using Go Noodle, we began our literacy block.  First, we identified the characteristics of realistic fiction.  Then we sorted books, by looking at the cover picture and title, as to whether or not we thought they were realistic fiction.

Then the students enjoyed lunch and recess.

After recess we tackled independent work for our literacy block.  I will try to explain this clearly, but quickly.  :-)  I will list the assignments on the Promethean board with specific directions as to how to access any resources needed and whether or not the finished product needs to be turned in and where to do so.  Additionally, the daily Promethean flip chart will contain examples or resources used to teach the anchor lessons.  Students have been told several times that they are allowed, and even encouraged, to go up to the board and flip back and forth to see the pages they need to successfully complete assignments.

The students will complete the tasks in the order assigned and move at their own pace.  Eventually, I hope to add some choice into the order of completion but, for now, I want to maintain some control!  :-)

So, today's tasks began with Read to Self.  The children read the story, Thank You, Mr. Falker, either on line or using the hard back book.  Then, in their RRJ, they used two examples from the story to explain why the book is realistic fiction.  To help them, I provided a model "shell" of a written response and a list of the characteristics of realistic fiction.  After that, the students had to make a copy of the common good personal narrative graphic organizer, from the shared with me documents in Google drive, and complete it to help plan their first writing piece.  I modeled doing this and left it in the daily flip chart for the children to reference. Finally, they were to practice Read with Someone, free choice!

The students didn't complete all of the tasks, and I didn't expect that they would.  They will have additional time tomorrow.

While the children worked independently, quite well I might add, I continued my informal reading assessments.

After our literacy block we visited the media center for a lesson on Cyber Bullying with Mrs. Allaire.  (I had forgotten about this and planned a science lesson---oops!)

Then the class ended their day in music.

Don't forget that Back to School NIght is Wednesday night from 6:30-8:30.

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