Monday, September 22, 2014

Marvelous Monday

This morning the students chose between visiting the media center, reading silently or working on their keyboarding skills for morning work.

After announcements we began our math rotations.

During the small group lesson we focused on decomposing tens and hundreds to find the difference between two numbers.  Then we checked our answers using addition.  For the most part, we focused on using base ten blocks to demonstrate our understanding.

During math with a partner the students used their digit cards to create addition problems with 3 addends (either 2 or 3 digits long) and then used a strategy of their choice to find the sum.  Students were told they were expected to use math vocabulary as they discussed their strategies for solving problems.  I reminded them to look at the math vocabulary board to make sure they were using some of the terms posted there.

Finally, during the technology rotation they visited addition concentration to reinforce those basic addition facts.

Check out Google Classroom for the math homework tonight.  The children will view a Learn Zillion lesson about using regrouping to solve subtraction problems.  Then, in the comment section, they will post one idea they learned or an idea they want to remember.

After math we took a quick Go Noodle break and then began our literacy block.

This past weekend I reviewed each students' personal narrative rough draft.  I wrote feedback (both positive and challenges).  Additionally, each child received a grade for their conclusion and use of dialogue. The grades do not reflect the entire personal narrative.

As we began our reading and writing block, I shared the above information with the class.  Additionally, we reviewed my model paper and I pointed out some common needs I noticed as I reviewed theirs.  Finally, together, we determined the steps needed (and wrote them down) to publish the final draft using Google docs.

By Friday, the students will need to use my feedback to revise their rough drafts and publish a final draft.

Next, it was time for lunch and recess.

After recess we visited the media center, with our Chrome books and Mrs. Allaire did a lesson showing the students how to research answers, using Internet sites,  for the questions the students wrote on Friday.  Then the students had a chance to find information and facts, on their own, to answer their research questions.

When we returned to class the students worked independently either revising their rough drafts, based on my feedback, or continuing to gather facts to answer their research questions.

I met with guided reading groups.

Tigers:  The students were given a new book called Crow Boy.  After taking a quick picture walk we worked on blending and defining a few words; forlorn, trudging and underneath.  Then I read the story out loud to the group.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread Crow Boy.

Lions:  We discussed the meaning of the word "medium" on page 29 and talked about using context clues to figure out which definition an author is using.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read pages 34-44 and, on a sticky note, identify what Mr. Henshaw asks Leigh to do and why.

Leopards:  We shared the children's titles for chapter 3.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 4 and, on a sticky note, identify how Ariel reacts to Grandma coming home.

Panthers:  We met BRIEFLY.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read their new (Whose Way Today?) book and list unknown words on a sticky note.

The students are ending their day in music.

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