Friday, September 26, 2014


It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning, after working on keyboarding skills or reading silently, we began our math rotations.

During the small group instruction, the students identified an efficient strategy to solve a subtraction problem that required decomposition.  Then they explained why they selected this method and how it helped them determine the difference between two 3-digit numbers.

During math with a partner the students created and solved 3-digit subtraction problems.  THe emphasis was on math discourse.  Students were expected to use the correct vocabulary as they discussed strategies with their partner.

Finally, the technology rotation had the students visiting Sumdog to practice solving 3-dgiti subtraction problems involving decomposition.

After math we took a quick Go Noodle brain break and then began our literacy block.

Before beginning independent work and small group instruction, I reviewed the resources available to the class in today's flip chart and the assignments that are to be completed today, for a grade.  Then I shared an example of how I can make comments on a student's Google document, electronically,  Additionally, I explained what students should do with the feedback and how to get rid of the comment once they have resolved the issue.

Then I began meeting with guided reading groups, while the students worked on their assignments.

Lions:  First we reviewed how and why Leigh's mood changed in the section we read on Wednesday.  Then the students opened a Google Slides document about key details and took notes.  The students learned that key details are those that relate to the central message and/or theme of the story.

After enjoying lunch and recess the students continued working on their independent literacy tasks and I met with more groups.

Panthers:  We revisited the notes we took on Google Slides about the key details relating to the theme or central message in a text.  Then we reread Whose Way Today and began listing the details on a slide in the presentation.

Leopards:  First, we listed what the students saw in the picture on page 41 (homework from a few days ago).  Then, using the list, I modeled how I could make inferences based on the text I read and the picture on page 41.  We discussed how good readers use illustrations to better understand text.

Next the students opened up a Google Slides presentation and we discussed key details and how they relate to the theme or central message of a story.  Then we revisited chapter one of their text and identified the key details from that chapter.

Tigers:  When the group came to meet with me they were far behind in the assignments that were due today and they had misplaced their homework (lists of -ed words).  So, the students worked with me on their personal narratives.

After our literacy block we investigated how gravity impacts the motion of an object.  First, we predicted what would happen if I dropped two pieces of paper (same type), from the same height, at the same time.  It was a great student even mentioned the challenge of releasing the paper at the exact same time and height!  After that, the students worked collaboratively to keep one piece of paper as is (the control) and then change one variable of the second piece of paper to predict and test the impact that would have.  During our discussion of their experiments we identified the surface area as being the main variable that created a change in the speed the paper dropped.  Finally, the students started asking more questions about what would happen if...So, I am hoping to allow them to identify one question they have and create an experiment to find an answer.

We ended the day with our weekly class meeting.  First students had a second chance to share what they like about themselves.  I am proud to say, although reluctant at first, they were able to share something that makes them special.  Then we exchanged thank yous and compliments.  Next we reviewed old business, specifically including everyone, at all times, but definitely during recess.  The group shared that nothing had changed...students were still feeling left out.  So we brainstormed more ideas including actively looking around to see if children were alone and possibly creating a lonely bench ( a place to sit so others can easily spot you and invite you to join them).  Finally, we discussed new business, the chaotic circus that ensues at dismissal time.  ;-)  Suggestions to improve the situation was awarding more Dojos and creating table groups to reward tables with Dojo points.  I think the second suggestion was to encourage more teamwork.  I told the children I need to think about their suggestion and I will get back to them!

As you can see, it was a busy and productive day!!

By the way, the Internet went down towards the end of our literacy block.  Many students didn't get to print or even finish this week's tasks.  If you child is worried, remind them that I said not to be...we will tackle the challenge Monday morning!  :-)

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