Friday, September 12, 2014

Fabulous Friday!!

This morning we took our first math quiz.  As I have stated before, we will have quizzes in math on most Fridays.  While these will be graded, my main purpose for giving them regularly is to assess my teaching and help me in planning for the upcoming week.  I will do my best to grade and return the quizzes on the day they are taken.  Also, I said "most Fridays" because there will be some when we will not have a quiz.  As always, you will be updated here, and in your child's planner, if we are having a quiz on Friday of a particular week.

Before taking our quiz, we reviewed last night's homework.  Students checked their own work, and were encouraged to make corrections and "stop my teaching" if they had questions.

After that the students took the quiz.  They have been graded and will be returned to the students prior to the end of the day.

Unfortunately, after the math Internet was down so we had to tweak our interdependent work assignments for our literacy worries, though!  It gave us a chance to integrate some science and social studies.  First we discussed ways to change the motion of objects, such as, to pull, push or use a ramp.  We also practiced describing the position of objects in relation to one another.  Then we identified and defined the social skills of caring, respect and compassion.

Prior to lunch the students engaged in reading to self (free choice) and work on writing (completing the personal narrative rough draft).

When the children returned to class we reviewed 2 additional independent work assignments.  The first integrated read with someone and social studies.  The students got into groups, chose a play that portrayed challenges with the common good and worked collaboratively to practice reading and acting out the play demonstrating respect, compassion and caring.

The second added task integrated science.  The students watched a video clip and analyzed the causes for change in an objects motion.  then they visited the site, Tinker Ball, and explored how to change the position and movement of an object.

While the students worked on their independent assignments, completing their rough draft, reading their scripts and exploring the position and movement of objects, I continued informal reading assessments.

Towards the end of our literacy block, Mrs. Allaire, our media specialist, stopped by to introduce our first quarter inquiry project.  After her amazing presentation and explanation, the students visited the inquiry project of the Third grade web site and explored the different organizations that are linked to it in preparation for choosing one to research.

We ended the day with a weekly class meeting.  First, we each shared what makes us happy.  Then we exchanged thank yous and compliments...there were a LOT and I loved how specific the children were!!  Finally, we moved onto challenges.  Ms. Snyder joined us for today's class meeting, so I turned this section over to her.  She led the students to brainstorming ideas to solve the challenge of students going to the reflection station just to play around and avoid work (which the class did acknowledge is happening).  Together, we decided to implement an open and closed sign, indicating when it is okay to visit the reflection station.  Hopefully, this will cut down on students missing out on instruction to go to the station.  Additionally, we will have a gin in sheet for students to document how long they stay and the reason they are there.

I was definitely a proud teacher during the discussion about the reflection station.  The children were very honest and had some great suggestions.  Additionally, they were very respectful and open to hearing each other's ideas!!  It was a great ending to the week!

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