Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

I hope everyone had a fantastic three day weekend!  I certainly sis but I was also excited to get back to work this morning!!  Such a great feeling!

This morning we began with a class meeting.  This was not during our regular time but I wanted to finish up what we had began Friday afternoon.

We began with a group share where each child had the chance to share what they did over the weekend.  Next we moved on to compliments and thank yous.  At this time students had a chance to compliment or thank one of our class team members.  Finally, we concluded the meeting with challenges.  Today, during challenges, we set up a reflection station and reviewed class Dojo rewards.

Following our class meeting we took a Go Noodle brain break and then began math rotations.

During the small group teacher rotation, the students used an addition table to identify patterns.  We discovered that when adding two even addends or two odd addends, the sum will always be even.  But, when we have one addend that is even and another that is odd, the sum will be odd.

The students continued creating 2 and 3 digit numbers using the number tiles they cut apart on Friday and identifying them as either even or add during their guided practice rotation. And, once again, at the technology rotation, the students visited Sumdog to practice identifying numbers as even or odd.

After enjoying lunch and recess, the students returned to the classroom and I handed out their planners/agenda books.  We took some time to explore this resource and added the birthdays of our teammates inside the front cover.

Next, I reviewed tonight's homework assignment with the class and taped it into each student's planner.  Typically, your child will hand write each assignment in the planner and I will check to be sure it was written correctly.

For homework this evening, the students need to use the IP address that is on the top of the homework paper that is taped into their planner, to get to Google Classroom.  This address will work with ANY Internet browser.  You do not need Chrome.  Then they will log into Google Classroom, go to the homework page and complete tonight's assignment.  They will use the provided link to visit the third grade web site.  Then they will add a comment, on Google Classroom, stating one thing, from the third grade web site, that either was interesting or exciting and then one fact they learned about me.

Students were told that I expect there will be challenges.  As long as they try, all will be okay!  Nobody should be sad or frustrated if they aren't successful with this evening's homework.  I do ask that parents either send a handwritten note or email me if your child doesn't have access to the Internet, regardless of the reason.

After adding the Homework group to their Google Classroom accounts and explaining how to complete tonight's assignment, we tackled e-mail.  MCPS has given each student an e-mail account.  Before going over how to get to their e-mail accounts through the app picker, I reviewed this e-mail etiquette document with the class.  Finally, I taught the students how to send and reply to e-mails.  They were also given time to open, send and reply to e-mails.  As you can imagine, there was a lot of excitement in the room!

Next we passed out papers...PARENTS please note that there are TWO important papers that need to be completed and returned tomorrow...the reunification paper (green) and the information paper (white).

Finally we ended the day with a lesson by Ms. Snyder, our school counselor.  MS. Snyder went over her job with the class and how they can let her know that they need to meet with her (via email or by completing a paper student referral sheet).  I have added a link to contact Ms. Snyder, using a student referral, on the third grade web site.

Ms. Snyder also read a story called, What is Everybody Did That, and discussed why we have rules in school.  Then the students made a copy of a "shared document" using a Google doc and created a "what if" example, following the format of the book.

We would love donations of indoor recess games and head phones for our Chrome books.

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