Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thriving Thursday

Last night's homework was an example of flipped instruction.  The students watched two lessons, at home, and then attempted to apply their new knowledge.  From their responses, I was able to plan for small grpup instruction to meet their current needs.  Some groups received extension of the lesson, others received review or practice.

With that said, we began our day with math rotations.  While working with me, we worked on rounding three digit numbers to the nearest hundred.

I have changed the name of the guided practice rotation to math with a partner.  I did this because I want the students working with partners so that are engaged in math discourse.  During math with a partner, the students used their digit cards to create a three digit number.  Then, in their math journals, they drew numbers lines and indicated the benchmark 100s and 10s for the number they created.

Finally, at the technology rotation the children practiced idetinfying place value using the Learn Alberta site on the third grade web site.

For homework, the students have an assignment on Google Classroom.  They will watch a lesson about rounding to the nearest ten and then attempt to do so.

We did a quick Go Noodle brain break after math before beginning our literacy block.  Reviewing the I Pick strategy for choosing a good book began this our literacy block.  Then I introduced the next component of the Daily 5, "Read to Someone".  I identified the purpose; work on fluency, practice comprehension strategies, and it's fun.  I also shared the student and teacher expectations.  Students will begin right away, work quietly, stay in one spot, read the whole time, build stamina and check for understanding.  The teacher (that's me!) will work with students!

Then it was time for lunch and recess!!

After lunch and recess we reviewed the expectations for behavior during "Read to Someone" and watched a couple of video snippets to see how it runs and what it looks like.

Next, the students practiced "Read to Someone" while I listened to students read, one-on-one.

After 20 minutes, I stopped the students and passed out guided reading books.  These are just preliminary groupings based on minimal information.  I just wanted to get books into the children's hands!  Once each child had a book, they practiced  "Read to Self" with it, while I began informal reading assessments with individual students.

After another 20 minutes, the students formed groups of 3 students and viewed both a video and a slide show of pictures about helping the common good.  In their groups, they discussed what they saw.  This integrated social studies and writing since they will be writing a personal narrative about a time they helped someone else.  Additionally, it feed me up to continue with the informal reading assessments!

The day ended with the children going to art!

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Sandeep Khanna said...

We absolutely love your humor, blog and pictures/captions on twitter. Yes, the school rocks, and above all, Ms. Holman's class rocks!!

Writing about the day in so much detail (EVERYDAY) is not easy. Your blog allows us to be engaged parents. So, THANK YOU very much.

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