Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

This morning we were treated to watching the morning announcements via Google+ on our Promethean board.  Very cool!

After that we reviewed our math rotations and got to work.  While Meeting in small group the students practiced rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and nearest 100.  Then, once demonstrating they were ready, we began using our rounding skills to solve word problems.  One key emphasis today was that when you see the work "about" in a word problem, that means to ROUND.

While practicing math with a partner, students played the rounding card game.  The created numbers (either 2 or 3 digits) by flipping over playing cards.  Then they rounded their number to the nearest 10 and documented it in their math journal.  The player with the largest rounded number won all of the cards for that hand.  The winner, at the end, was the player with the most playing cards.

Finally, during the tech rotation, students chose between playing rounding games on Sumdog or visiting Place Value Puzzler on Funbrain.

After math we took a quick brain break using Go Noodle.  Then we reviewed how to complete a writing graphic organizer to plan for our personal narrative writing piece.

Following lunch and recess we reviewed the independent work chart and then the students got to work while I continued informal reading assessments with individual students.  While working independently the children reread Thank You, Mr. Falker, either via the Internet or using a hard back book.  Then they completed the BCR identifying two examples from the book that show it is realistic fiction.  After that the students completed the graphic organizer for their personal narrative.  Finally, they read with a partner working on fluency and comprehension.

After our literacy block we had our first science lesson!  YEY!  Today we identified and described the position and movement of objects using an index card and a cube.  We watched video clips, then worked collaboratively to describe the position and movement of our objects in relation to one another.

Homework tonight is via Google Classroom.  I have posted a rounding word problem.  The children should post the answer in the comments section.  The second part of the assignment is to watch the linked Learn Zillion lesson about nouns.    Students will soon be learning about pronouns.  There is an assumption that students have learned about nouns last year.  I want to be sure we are all on the same page.  So watching this lesson tonight will either be a great review or an opportunity to catch up!

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night at Back to School Night!

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