Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thriving Thursday

Today is the day we switch specials and math.  Therefore, we began our day with math.  In math students continued practicing the partial sums strategy (composing tens and hundreds, as needed).  Some students had the chance to view a Learn Zillions lesson.  Those students then practiced what they learned using white boards, with a partner.  The rest of the students met in small groups, with either me or Mrs. Bartel, and used manipulatives to understand how and why tens and/or hundreds are composed.  For homework there are two more addition problems (the other half sheet of last night's worksheet) to solve using partial sums.  Please feel free to view the educreations lesson I made or the learn zillion lesson.  Both can be accessed through the third grade web site at

We will have our first math quiz tomorrow.  It will cover rounding three digit numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds and the partial sums addition strategy.  I will use the data from this quiz to plan for instruction next week!!

Our reading and writing whole group lesson centered around the first marking period inquiry project.  I reviewed that students would be picking a topic, that helps the common good, tp research.  Then they will write about it and present it, in groups, to the class.  Then we revisited the graphic organizer they began , in media with Mrs. Rose on Monday, and explored the Livebinder, created by MCPS, on the Internet.  I showed the students how to explore the site and add ideas to the chart on their graphic organizer.  I also explained how to identify the topic they choose to research and explain why they picked it.

Independent work time allowed students to finish working on their writing rough drafts and their cursive paper from earlier in the week.  Additionally, students were expected to begin exploring Livebinder and filling out their graphic organizer.

Sharks:  We met and reviewed vocabulary from Anthony's Unhappy Birthday.  Then we began reading the book out loud while discussing their homework from last night (identifying the beginning, middle and end).  For homework the students need to reread the book...I told the children they will be rereading their reading group texts MANY times...we are working on fluency!

Following lunch and outdoor recess, Mrs. Howard visited to do a lesson about being successful in school.

After that, we finished sharing our changes in motion videos and completed the worksheet that goes along with it.  This will become our first science grade!  :-)

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