Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

Even with a Redskins loss (which DOES bother me GREATLY!), your children made it a terrific Tuesday!

The student day began in art.  When they returned to class I introduced and explained today's math rotations.  Students practiced/reviewed rounding three digit numbers to the nearest ten with me.  The technology rotation had students revisiting Under the Sea, which they first used yesterday.  The final rotation was a card game where students created numbers, using playing cards, and rounded the number to the nearest ten.  They recorded this in their math journal.  Then the player with the larger number (when rounded) collected all 4 (or 6) playing cards.  The winner is the student with the most cards at the end of the game.

There is a rounding worksheet for homework!

I began our reading and writing block by reviewing the expectations during small group instruction/independent work.  Then we revisited our pink words word work/spelling activity.  I reminded the class of the routine and pointed out the written instructions, that are accompanied by pictures, hanging on the bulletin board. 

Next, we read a personal narrative called, "Grandpa".  I underlined and highlighted words used by the narrator to communicate actions, thoughts and feelings to the reader.  I made notations on the personal narrative, using the Promethean board, and then print out copies for the students to use as a model when writing and revising their own.  These will be kept in the writing section of their binder.

Finally, we created a  list of characteristics for a good book title.  We used books laying around our classroom to identify these items.

During small group instruction and independent work time today, students will complete their predictions and questions charts, in their RRJ, for their reading group books.  Then they will highlight 5 pronouns, correct their pink words, add descriptions of thoughts and feeling, and create a title for their good deed personal narrative.  Finally, they will practice writing the letters "i" and "t" in cursive.

Following lunch and outdoor recess I met with my other two reading groups while the students worked on the assignments above. 

Both groups chose a name for their reading group, shared their predictions and questions (based on the front cover and title of the book) and then practiced reading and writing words from their book.

Dolphins:  bouncing, across, goal, been, and could (words we worked on from their book during group time)
Sharks:  wailed, promised, grumpily, and fussed (words we worked on from their book during group time)

We ended the day by continuing our science lesson from yesterday.  Today the students worked in their small groups to rebuild their devices and capture the change in motion on the iPad using the video camera.  They also listed the materials they used and how their device worked on a worksheet.

Homework:  Rounding worksheet (looks the same as yesterday but numbers are different)
                      Read for 15 minutes

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