Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Terrific Tuesday!!

The students began their day in art. 

When they returned to the classroom, we had a shortened period of math rotations.  When with a teacher, the children continued solving 3 digit addition problems using partial sums and place value knowledge. 

The technology rotation was a continuation of yesterday's activity.  Students created 3 digit addition problems, using their number tiles, and used the base ten blocks on the virtual manipulatives web site to model partial sums.  They recorded their work in their math journal.

The final rotation today was a practice worksheet for rounding two and three digit numbers to the nearest ten.

Math ended a bit early today so that the class could head to the computer lab to take the MAP-R.  This is a computerized reading assessment that students take three times per year, beginning in third grade.

The MAP-R is composed of 43 questions.  Most are multiple choice.  All include some sort of text (paragraphs, sentences, dictionary entries, the back of a cereal box, a flyer, anything!) which the student has to read and then respond to a comprehension question.  This test self-adjusts.  AS students answer questions correctly, the questions get more challenging.  The reverse is also true.  So, each test becomes uniquely matched for the particular student.

The data from this test is used to plan for and guide instruction.  We analyze it to see where each child's strengths lie and what skills need to be taught or reinforced.  It does not affect the child's report card grade.

The test was revamped this year to better math the National Common Core Curriculum.

The entire class put a ton of effort into it--they took their time and used their strategies.  It took an hour and a half and four students still need to finish.

Obviously, their brains were spent afterwards!

After lunch and recess we reread Ooka and the Honest Thief.  The focus today was additional information gained through the illustrations and identifying the narrators point of view of characters and text to support it.

Our day ended with us moving the classroom outside.  We tested our predictions as to how textured surfaces would affect the motion of a ball.  I wish I had taken pictures--the kids really had a blast!

There is NO homework tonight.

We will be going to an assembly tomorrow morning.  An author will be visiting our school.  Order forms were sent home today if you wish to purchase the author's books.

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