Friday, September 6, 2013


This has been a CRAZY week but the kids have rolled with it like PROS!!!  I gotta say, I LOVE this group!  :-)

The students began their day with TWO specials!!  They had PE, as usual, but then visited Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Dodson in the media center to make up for Monday's missed class.

When they returned to class, I continued ( and almost completed!!) my informal reading assessments, while Mrs. Benson reviewed the strategies we have learned for rounding numbers to the nearest ten.  Then the students independently practiced rounding five 3 digit numbers to the nearest ten and practiced their basic addition facts using Kidgitz and Numbers League, 2 iPad apps.

After that I announced to the class that we would begin reading groups and math group rotations on Monday.  Therefore we needed to prepare--

I explained that, for math, there would not be a whole group lesson.  Instead, students would be split into three groups that would rotate between a lesson with me and two additional independent activities.  We discussed how to get help (ask three students and then write a note and stick it on the issue bin) and what to do when they are finished (they shouldn't be "done" the independent practice activities will be open ended).

In reading, we will begin with a whole group reading and writing lesson.  Then I will pull reading groups while the other students work independently.  Independent work will be listed, with an explanation, on the white board. Additionally, next to each task I will post where to put the finished product when completed and an example of the activity (when possible).

When students have completed their independent work, they are to work on correcting the spelling of misspelled words in their journals and add them to their personal dictionaries.  Here's a quick explanation...
When I notice misspelled words in journals, I will write the correct spelling, usually in pink ink, in the margin.  The student is responsible for finding the word as they wrote it, erasing it and spelling it correctly, using my model.  Then they add the word (spelled correctly) to their personal dictionary, for future reference.  See pictures!!
After pink words have been corrected, the students can choose to finish a morning work assignment, write a letter to a friend or family member, write a poem or story or read silently.
Following lunch and outdoor recess we reviewed all of the information about reading and math groups and I modeled setting up the personal dictionary.  Then, the children set up their own personal dictionaries, finished their good deed personal narratives and completed this morning's morning work assignment.  I finished my very last reading assessment!!!  YIPPEE!
We ended the day by watching a video to learn what it means to be a citizen and how citizens can make changes in their community.

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