Thursday, September 27, 2012


After beginning their day in art, the students returned to class and we used the book Forces and Motion to identify the main idea in sections of text.  My key teaching points included using text features, rereading topic sentences and thinking about how all of the ideas fit together.

Next I modeled using Live Binder to complete the next section of the community action plan graphic organizer; What do they need to do?

While I meet with reading groups the students will continue researching their topic using Live Binder and complete individual reading group assignments.

Yellow Jackets:  Independently they will read chapter 4 and write questions, on sticky notes, they have as they read.  If they do not finish this in class, it becomes homework.  In group, I modeled writing a summary for chapter 3 and explained that a summary tells the big ideas (main events) from the beginning, middle and end of the chapter...details should be avoided!  We also discussed that a summary should be 3-5 sentences (or possibly 5-8 depending on the length of text they are summarizing) and counted they sentences in my summary....which totaled 4!  Go me!!  :-)

In math we learned another subtraction strategy.  This strategy is useful when subtractions across zeros in the ones and tens column.  View it here.  While students worked independently on solving two subtraction problems, Mrs. Head and I both pulled small groups of students.

My group practiced using the number line strategy to solve addition problems.  Mrs. Head pulled two groups.  One group worked on rounding number to the nearest ten.  The other worked on rounding numbers to the nearest hundred.

For homework the students need to complete the last two problems on the subtraction worksheet.  There will be a quiz tomorrow...use last week's quiz to study...tomorrow's quiz will be very similar!!!

Following lunch and a sticky outdoor recess the children continued their independent work while I met with more reading groups.

Sharks:  In group we discussed the problem and solution in Trip to Freedom, specifically that the solution must match the identified problem.  Then I modeled writing a good response to the prompt they answered on Tuesday.  Independently they reread Trip to Freedom and identified what they think the author's message might be on a sticky note.  IF they don't finish this in school today. it becomes homework tonight.

Cheetahs:  Independently the children read chapter 3 and wrote questions they had in their minds as they read the chapter, on a sticky note.  In group we reviewed the BCR they answered on Tuesday, in particular stressing that when you write about a change you need to identify how you were in the beginning and then at the end.  Then I modeled writing a response to the prompt they answered.

Snakes:  Independently the children partner read their book.  Then we reread the book in group and determined the main idea by locating important facts from the book.  Tonight they need to reread the book, working on fluency.

The students ended the day by working in groups to test their ideas of how to determine if 2 different balls were rolled the same distance, how could we compare the speeds.  The groups decided on a method and chose materials in order to test their ideas.

Remember that tomorrow is an early release day!

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