Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wet Tuesday

The students began their day with PE.

When the students returned to class we analyzed an informational Power Point about Folk Art.  AS a group, we read and discussed the text and used strategies such as repetition of words and phrases, as well as, background knowledge to determine the central message.

After that, I introduced our next writing assignment.  The students will be choosing a way to contribute to the community and formulating an opinion about it.  They will research this idea using Live Binder and then writing about their opinion using the facts they have gathered. 

While I meet with reading groups today the students will complete their first writing piece.  Then they will explore Live Binder with partners using lap tops.  Some groups will also have individual reading group assignments.

Yellow Jackets:  The students were given an article about baseball.   They are to read the article and highlight important information they need to know about playing the game.  This will build background information to help them understand our next novel, Winners Take All.  In group I gave a mini lesson about highlighting...what to highlight and how much to highlight.  Then we practiced reading three of the paragraphs and highlighting the important information.  The students were then released to finish reading and highlighting the article IN CLASS.  For homework they are to reread the article and share three facts they learned, from the article, with an adult.

In math we reviewed the strategy of decomposing tens and hundreds to subtract numbers by viewing the educreations lesson I posted on Friday.  Then we did an additional problem, together in class.  After that, the children worked independently to solve three subtraction problems using the base ten block decomposition strategy while I pulled small groups.

One group practiced rounding three digit numbers to the nearest ten.  Another groups practiced rounding three digit numbers to the nearest hundred.  Finally, a third group practiced composing tens and hundreds to add two three-digit addends.

There is a decomposing using base-ten blocks worksheet for homework.

Following lunch and indoor recess the children continued their independent work and I met with more reading groups.

Cheetahs:  We met and reviewed the vocabulary entry that we did together, in group, on Friday.  Then the students did an entry for the word math, independently, and turned it in for a score.

Sharks:  We learned how to use the thesaurus and then finished, in group, the entry we started on Friday.  Then the children did a vocabulary entry for the word spoil, independently, for a score.

Snakes:  We finished reading our book and set up RRJs.  Then the children answered the question, "What is your favorite sandwich?  How would you make it?"  independently for a score.  For homework they need to reread pages 12-16 for fluency!!!

We ended the day by defining gravity and viewing some of Galileo's experiments to learn more about how gravity effects the rate of speed at which two objects fall.  Click here to see what we did.

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