Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thriving Thursday

The children began their day in art.  When they returned to class, Mrs. Ambrosi and I showed the students how to create buttons on the iPads so they can easily get to Internet sites from the home page.  Then they made a button to get straight to Live Binder and continued brainstorming actions they can take to improve their environment.  After that, they chose an action that interested them the most.

Both reading and math were shortened today due to a math assessment called MAP-P.  This is a computerized, self-adjusting, 52 question math test that the children will take three times a year, similar to MAP-R.  This assessment helps guide our planning and instruction.

After Map-P we returned to class, went over last night's math homework, handed out homework for tonight (math) and reviewed 4 strategies that can be used to solve subtraction problems.  Two strategies are located under the lessons tab on our blog, another is the regular algorithm and the final one was using a number line.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, Mrs. Howard spoke to the entire third grade about SGA elections for classroom representatives.  An informational note is coming home this evening.  Basically, is your child want to be a class representative, they must prepare a 1-2 minute speech to be presented in class next Tuesday, 9/25.

After that, the students worked on completing their community action planning sheet, using Live Binder, and any other unfinished work.  I pulled a couple of reading groups. Due to interruptions in our regular schedule I was not able to meet with all groups.

Yellow Jackets:  We shared the student's titles for chapter 1 (last night's homework) and reread chapter 1.

Cheetahs:  We shared the student's RRJ responses about their dragons (last night's homework).

Snakes:  We discussed the answers to the comprehension questions in the back of their books.  The students located and labelled these answers with sticky notes.  Tonight they need to reread their books, working on fluency.

We ended the day watching a social studies video about rules and laws.

I will be out of the building tomorrow.  There will not be a blog post.  Some highlights for tomorrow include:
  • math quiz
  • using root words, prefixes and suffixes to identify the meaning of words
  • identifying and sorting common and proper nouns
  • reading and discussing how citizens in our country choose leaders

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