Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Scientific Tuesday

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend!

The students began their day with PE.  After PE, Mrs. Benson too over, following plans I had left, while I continued the informal one-on-one reading assessments.

First, the children engaged in a discussion about characteristics that identify a person's individual uniqueness.  This was part of a science (health) lesson that we didn't get to last week.  Then the children, working collaboratively in small groups, created webs of themselves indicating character traits which they feel makes them unique.  The children used the iPads, specifically the app called penultimate, to take a photo of them self and create the web.  These are hanging on the bulletin board in the hallway.

After that, the children completed a math warm up and began rounding 2 digit numbers to the closest 10.  They were encouraged to use either the box or number line strategies we introduced last week when we were rounding to the closest 100.  The children completed half of a worksheet in class.  The are to finish that worksheet for homework.

After enjoying lunch and outdoor recess, we used a Power Point, from the new curriculum, to learn how to identify pronouns and their antecedents.  We also learned about agreement between the pronoun and antecedent.  It was a great Power Point!  The children really seemed to advance their knowledge!!

Then I modeled using the "For the Common Good" chart that we created in writing last week to write a rough draft.  I did SHOW the entire class what I wanted them to do BUT I gave individual students little to no help since this is a BASELINE writing sample.  I plan to use this to drive my instruction (figure out strengths and weaknesses).

Before packing up, we began our second science lesson for the day.  This time we were beginning our physics unit.  We examined and described the position of an object in relationship to another object.  Then we described the movement of an object and identified the causes of the movement.

Remember that Back to School Night is tomorrow night beginning at 7 pm.  Hope to see you all there!

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