Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thriving Thursday

This morning, after art, the children worked in small groups, using the Pages iPad app to create a response to the discussion question, "Why did Ooka make Ghonta repay more rice than he took?"  This task required the use of technology, the ability to work collaboratively AND the need to recall and analyze details from the story we have worked with this week.  We will share these responses and conduct a discussion during whole group tomorrow.

After that we used the lists of words using apostrophes, that the students compiled for homework last night, to create a class list.  Tomorrow we will be sorting these words.

After completing a warm up in math, a few students volunteered to share, and explain, their answers to the homework question last night.  Then we reviewed the strategies we have learned to solve three digit addition problems, paying particular attention to the old-school algorithm.

While students worked on completing two addition problems in two different ways each, we met with small groups.  Mrs. Head worked with a group practicing different addition strategies.  My group practiced rounding three digit numbers to the nearest ten.

For homework the students need to solve two problems in two different ways for each.  The problems were copied in their math journals.  They are 396+107 and 296+153.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will work independently while I meet with reading groups.  Independent work will be to continue publishing their writing piece and finish the other unfinished tasks in their folder.

Yellow Jackets:  Today we learned how to use a thesaurus and we did a vocabulary entry, using the thesaurus, together as a group.  After that, the students did one own their own.  Here is an explanation of what they did.

Cheetahs:  We reviewed and copied the format for a vocabulary entry into their RRJ.  We will practice doing a model, together in group, tomorrow.  Here is what I am referring to.

Snakes:  We reread pages 2-8 for fluency and then read pages 9-11 for the first time.  For homework the children need to reread pages 9-11.

We ended the day by reviewing the online book we began reading yesterday.  Then the students had a chance to use a ramp, a ball and various textures (to put on the ramp) in order to answer testable questions such as as; which texture makes the ball travel fastest?  Slowest?  Furthest?

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