Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

The children's day began with a visit to the media center.

For our reading whole group lesson we looked at the final message in the story Ooka and the Honest Thief.  Using context clues and our background knowledge from the story we identified the author's message that was inferred in the note Ooka left for Ghonta.

Our writing whole group lesson focused on publishing.  We learned how to open an existing document.  We also reviewed how to save it.  Then I demonstrated how to print a document ensuring that the correct printer is chosen.  Finally, I answered troubleshooting types of questions posed by the students, such as how to type quotation marks.

Independent work for today included finishing peer conferencing, publishing and printing the final draft and completing unfinished work.

Reading groups:
Yellow Jackets:  We reviewed their scored BCRs and discussed how sticky note assignments and group discussion should be considered when answering a short answer type of question.  Then we set up a vocabulary section in their RRJ.  For homework the students need to reread their book and list all words with apostrophes in their RRJ.

Next up was math.  We redid the lesson that I attempted to deliver yesterday.  I demonstrated, and the children practiced, using the compensation number line strategy to find a sum.  Click here to view the lesson.  For homework , the children need to view today's lesson, via the blog, and complete one problem in their math journal (153+148=) using the compensation number line strategy.

Following lunch and recess the students continued working independently while I met with more reading groups.

Cheetahs:  We discussed their BCRs including using their sticky notes and group discussion when writing responses.  I also shared the first sentence of EVERY child's response...all used a pronoun instead of referring to the main character's name.  For homework the children need to reread their book and list every word with an apostrophe on their sticky note.

Sharks:  We began setting up a vocabulary in the children's RRJ.  For homework they are to list all of the words with apostrophes, from their book, on their sticky note.

Snakes:  YEY!  We finally chose a group name.  We practiced reading up to page 8.  For homework they need to reread pages 2-8 and list words with apostrophes on their sticky note.

We ended the day with science...HOORAY!  We began reading an online book called How Things Move.  Some of the concepts included relative position, constant and variable motion, force and friction.

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