Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday...MSA right around the corner!

This morning in math we continued our study and practice of identifying equivalent fractions. After a short review, the students worked independently on worksheet while I met with a small group using models of fractions to aid their identification of equivalent fractions. Mrs. Mutiga pulled a group to work on subtraction with regrouping. There is a worksheet for homework. We will NOT have a quiz tomorrow.

We began reading by doing a writing activity called building blocks. The students were given a short, vague sentence and they worked with partners to add details using building blocks (when, size, place, name). We shared these sentences and discussed the differences and why it is SO important to use clear specific details in our writing. After that we reviewed an informational piece that was a schedule for a camp.

While I met with reading groups the students answered multiple choice questions and a BCR that went with the camp schedule. They also completed a building block sentence. Additionally, they did buddy checks, with a partner, to test their knowledge of this week's spelling words. We will have a spelling test tomorrow.

Reading Groups:
Hornets: We discussed the impact of grandfather's secret...that he can't read and then we began reading chapter 8. There is no reading homework for this group tonight!

Snow Tigers: We discussed the reasons that Ben's family will be shocked when they arrive. Then we began reading chapter 16. We will finish chapter 16 in class tomorrow. There is no homework for this group tonight.

Hyenas: We reviewed the multiple choice questions. There is no homework for this group either.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will visit the media center. When they return, we will have our final practice session for the math MSA.

Don't forget that tomorrow is an early dismissal day!

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