Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunny Tuesday!!

This is going to be a quick entry. I have a sick child at home and came in to teach math and reading. I will be leaving around noon.

In math we continued out journey with fractions. We again used the cuisenaire rods to identify equivalent fractions. Once again, this proved to be quite frustrating...so, we switched to the good 'ole pencil and paper strategy which proved to be way more successful! We did one side of a two-sided worksheet in class...the other side is for homework!

In reading we began with some decoding activities. Then we used two different information sources to gain information. While I meet with reading groups the students will do another decoding activity, similar to what we did during whole group, they will complete a nutrition chart using the information sources from whole group and they will complete the final draft of their popcorn party persuasive piece.

Reading Groups:

Hyenas: We read and discussed an article. For homework the students need to reread the article and write a title for it. They also need to be prepared to explain their choice in group tomorrow.

Hornets: They will begin reading and discussing chapter 7 in class. For homework they need to read chapter 7 and identify grandfather's secret.

Snow Tigers: They will begin reading chapter 14 in class. For homework they need to read chapter 14 and think about the meaning of the title of the book.

Following lunch and outdoor recess they will have social studies and science with a substitute.

In social studies the students will identify the importance and need for rules. In science the students will redo the eardrum experiment (building an eardrum) with, hopefully, more success than yesterday!

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