Thursday, March 17, 2011


This morning in math we reviewed equivalent fractions, mixed numbers and identifying fractions (and mixed numbers) on a number line. The students were given independent work and several small groups were called. By the end of the math block it appeared that student understanding, overall, had come a long way!! WOO HOO! No homework tonight and no quiz tomorrow. Beware...homework returns Monday!

Reading began with my continuing the modeling of reading a resource (in this case a text) and gathering important information, from the resource, and organizing it on our capture chart. Then the students worked independently gathering and organizing information about their famous person. If they finished early, they worked on a Word of the Week (shriek - to yell; scream; screech) paper.

Hornets: We read and discussed chapter the end of this chpater the son lays a big guilt trip on his father. We had a great discussion about this!

I did not meet with the other two reading groups. Instead, I began conferencing with individual students, from these two groups, on their famous person research project.

Following lunch nad outdoor recess the students will visit the media ceneter. The day will end with a friendship lesson given by Mrs. Howard and her intern, Mr. Romer.

Remember the science project is due next Friday, March 25.

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