Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

This morning in math we added and subtracted money. Mrs. Arul also worked with a small group on counting coins. I worked with a group identifying fractions of a set. MOST students need to complete their classwork for homework. A few will not have a worksheet to complete. ALL will have a quiz tomorrow.

At the beginning of our reading block, I focused on teaching the direct link between a topic sentence and the details in the paragraph. We even created a topic sentence together, as a class, to math details I had listed on the board. Then the students worked on their research projects while Mrs. J., myself and a parent volunteer conferenced one-on-one with individual students.

Following lunch and outdoor recess we will have a class meeting that will focus on the importance of treating all with respect...and the possible consequences. Then we will share our instrument projects with the fourth and fifth graders through another gallery walk.

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