Monday, March 7, 2011

MSA Monday...and a science project!!

Well, the MSA's are officially underway! We took part 1 of reading today and will complete the reading MSA, with part 2, tomorrow. THe math MSA for grade 3 will take place on Friday and next Monday.

While I am not at liberty to say much about the MSA, I can tell you that I am EXTREMELY proud of the effort I saw across my homeroom students today, while taking the test. They should be applauded!!!

Some things you should expect...the students WILL be tired. It is a draining experience!! Also, you won't be seeing a ton of homework this will be minimal!

After the MSA testing, we did switch for math. My math class watched a United Streaming video about probability.

Following lunch and outdoor reces the students will go to art. After art, I will be assigning an at-home science project. The students will be constructing their own instrument. PLEASE look for the packet this evening and sign the front page. I will be looking for parent signatures but won't be collecting the paper no need to worry about not having all necessary information.

PLEASE feel free to email me if you have any conerns or questions!

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