Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday...early dismissal

This morning, in math, we reviewed equivalent fractions. While the students worked independently, Mrs. Mutiga and I pulled small groups to name and identify equivalent fractions and to practice 4 digit addition and subtraction problems.

We had a shortened reading block due to a guidance lesson and the early dismissal. Therefore, the students worked independently to complete any and all unfinished assignments. It was a catch up day!

Prior to lunch, Mrs. Howard and her intern, Mr. Romer, met with all third grade students to do a test taking lesson. After that we will go to lunch and the students will be dismissed. (Teachers will remain at work!)

PLEASE remember that MSA begins MONDAY morning!!!

How can you help???

Tell your child to do their best but not to let themselves stress or get frustrated. THEIR best is all we ask. Remind them to take their carefully, go back to the text...double check their work...use details and support from the text...etc

Also, make sure they eat a GOOD breakfast and that they get enough sleep.

Most of all...reassure them that this is important but that we all love them and care about if they use their strategies and try their best, there is NO way they can disappoint us!!

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